Supported by: Performa, Brown University

Hanging-Hemisphere Cable-Printer was produced at the MIT Self-Assembly Lab in collaboration with artist Kelly Nipper in relation to her ongoing project: Terre Mécanique which was exhibited in New York City as part of the performance art festival Performa 17.

Suspended from the ceiling, 700 gallons of gel was held within an 8' diameter acrylic tank. Suspended from three CNC winch devices, a pneumatic extrusion device moved through space inscribing lines within the gel medium using the RLP technique. These drawn forms solidified over time and were removed from the tank. The machine operated as part of three live performance of Terre Mécanique in November 2017.

The machine stretches to fill the space in which it exists. We expand our conception of mark making within and as a function of space, architecture, or environ. Pure movement solidifies and becomes untethered from the marking tablet (the hemisphere of gel).