Image of the City


In his seminal book, The Image of the City, Kevin Lynch sets out to describe the process by which we understand the layout and interrelatedness of urban landscapes. He studies the “mental image of that city which is held by its citizens.” His techniques identify various structural topologies in the city that form a complete image from a humans perspective, a coherent and legible pattern. He describes how our embodied experience of space conflicts with our fundamental understanding of abstract geometric space. Our mental images of cities, homes, and intimate familiar places assume strange imperfect forms as we fail to reconcile what-we-see and what-we-know.

This sculptural series re-stages Lynch’s dichotomous problem of space. As visitors are invited to climb on these simple and rational geometric forms, low frequency transducers vibrate the structures with sounds and murmurations. By animating these grids I address the chasm between out faculties of perception and of reason. The structure serves as a conductor of the energies that flavor the tectonic landscape the city. As an experiment in representation, this installation complicates our mental “images of the city”.