Dressage     Rapid Liquid Printing     Image of the City     Hanging-Hemisphere Cable-Printer     The Sculpture Makes the Viewer Revolve Around Itself     Mirror     My Friends     Twin Trajectories     Sculpture Studies     Twin Turns     Whisper Radio     Dead Ringers 


Working as both a sculptor and material/fabrication researcher, his body of work segments into the development of form-giving techniques and critical/speculative works that explore human experiences of space both sensorially and ideologically. 

Through video and sculpture, he looks to find the link between materials and beliefs. The ways in which we internally organize our beliefs inevitably interface with objects and materials. Sparrman’s work acknowledges the moment when ideas are thickened into a material carcass or represented by a momentary image. In the same breath, objects and their materials have the capacity to break through into our consciousness as concepts. Sparrman produces works in video and sculpture that leverage the threshold between ideas and materials. 

He develops new forms of fabrication, an intellectual and craft practice. The task of making inevitably embodies belief. New techniques present new possibilities for being and relating to materials and their ideological implications.