Twin Turns 


This series of two-channel video pieces utilize the effects of perceived motions in various ways, playing with them to incite tension, hypnosis, and or displacement in our perceptual effort. 


Hallway Piece:

Two screens are situated side by side. Both images are constantly turning. Every possible turn in the hallways of MIT’s central campus building was filmed. In the left image, the camera takes every possible right turn. In the right image the camera takes every possible left turn. The clips are all different in length. The clips continually spill, one to the next, without any pauses in motion. 


Wander Piece: 

The same camera motion is carried out in multiple side-by-side environments with diminishing visual reference points: an open field, a minimal virtual matrix. The  jostling of the camera is reconstructed in post production. The motion of the first image is applied to other spaces such that the character of the original footage controls the next. These synchronized images are projected high in the corner of a room, one environment on each wall.